Episode 82: Featuring Patriot List and VETality Corp.

Colin Supko - Patriot List

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Colin Supko, Founder and CEO of Patriot List joined Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to unpack what Patriot List is and what spurred him to create it. Supko served 18 years as a Navy SEAL Commander and is currently Commander for all of the west coast’s Reserves SEALs. He began his SEAL career in 2002 and was deployed twice to combat missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Supko is was also co-founder for Munitio.com, a consumer electronics and ventured funded company. While he was deployed, Supko told Carmody and Kelley, that a fellow SEAL’s wife had put a car up for sale using one of the usual marketplace websites, when she met with the man who wanted to purchase the car, he robbed her, taking her purse at gun point. Providing a safe place for active military, veterans and government employees and their families is why Patriot List was created. Patriot List is a free mobile application for military members and their families. With Social Media marketplaces becoming more and more unsafe, Supko explains, “The key component of our marketplace, unlike every other marketplace in the world is that we require every one of our users to verify their identity through the Department of Defense and Department of Veteran Affairs, so you always know you are dealing with another veteran." He went on to say "Removing that anonymity allows us to incentivize great behavior, because when two people agree to do a transaction with one another each one of them has the opportunity to rate the other one. Those ratings last your entire time you’re using the mobile app.”


Michael Owen and VETality Corp.

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VETality Corp. is an organization created by military combat veterans to help their fellow military veterans transition back into society. Michael Owen, a decorated Marine Combat veteran and Executive Director of VETality Corp. joined Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to discuss why VETality Corp was created and the programs they have in place to help fellow veterans. Sean Major and Abraham Bradley who themselves are also combat veterans who are working with VETality also join the discussion. Owens talks about his deployment to Afghanistan in 2010, and the difficulty he experienced coming back into civilian life after having witnessing so many casualties and losing so many comrades who were killed in action. After coming out on the other side of those experiences, he explains that he, began getting calls from guys that had transitioned out of service who were having suicidal feelings, getting hooked on drugs or were simply down and out who were looking to him for help. So he and a lot of other combat veterans got together and said, “Hey, when we had a uniform on we got stuff done. So let’s get stuff done now in the civilian world.” He went on to say, That is kind of what the catalyst was to VETality.” We’re still able, we’re still here let’s help our brothers and sisters who are transitioning out.” Owens, Bradley and Major also talk about VETality’s Can For Vets program, which turns cans into cash to help veterans. They also unpack how the Operation Change Lives program which was launched as a Donation Box program is using that spare change to change lives. Major explained how simple this program works , “I don’t like having fifty cents in my pocket, I have a change jar at home well here it is, you just got done shopping drop 30 cents in and at the end of the week, cents make dollars and dollars make sense.” The men also discuss VETality Security Solutions and how helping veterans get their Security Guard licenses and how they sit down as military instructors to teach schools and businesses how to mitigate the possibility of having and active shooter incident and how to defend yourself and survive such an event.



1. Patriot List is a valuable and important tool for our military and veteran families that we want our community to be aware of! Visit their website or contact Colin at colin@patriotlist.us to learn more and spread the word!

2. VETality gives back to our Veterans and transitioning military members and provides tremendous resources to help increase employment opportunities. In order to work side-by-side with community leaders in San Diego, to increase employment opportunities, visit their website to learn more and spread the word.