Episode 79: Featuring Huntley Paton and Stephanie Brown

Huntley Paton - San Diego Business Journal 

Huntley Paton, President and Publisher of the San Diego Business Journal sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jarod Kelley recently to unpack how the SD Business Journal is helping local military members and veterans. Paton, a 30 year veteran of business journalism said it is the SD Business Journal’s job to track money around the San Diego economy for people who need to know these things because their customers are in San Diego. It’s about connecting the dots by having a pulse on what is going on in San Diego. “We’re trying to give people real market intelligence that helps them right here in San Diego,” he said. Paton explains how San Diego’s workforce has the highest percentage of former military than anywhere else and it is the fifth largest market for veteran owned businesses. This makes the military paramount to San Diego’s economy. He goes on to say he started looking around the market to help people but didn’t see a lot of things that were entrepreneurial based and he wanted to find something he could do in that regard. This desire led to the Journal publishing a list every year of veteran owned businesses. “It’s really important to recognize they are in the fabric of our community and we wouldn’t be close to what we are if it weren’t for the veterans,” Pat explained. He goes on to explain how he connected with The Rosie Network.


Stephanie Brown - The Rosie Network

Stephanie Brown, CEO and Founder of The Rosie Network joined Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody along with guest Huntely Paton to talk about what The Rosie Network is and how it got started. Brown, a retired Navy Seal Admiral and military spouse grew up in the military, her father is a Vietnam veteran. As an adult she moved to D.C. started her own business and met her husband who was in the Navy. She explains how a year later she found herself packing up to move overseas because of her husband’s deployment. She tells Carmody and Kelley, “I got the ‘Welcome to the Navy’ packet and letter basically saying don’t expect to have a job or a career. Which I took issue with, and thought that doesn’t apply to me, I’m a go-getter I’ve started and run businesses, I’m going to be fine. But low and behold I found myself in the same position that so many other military spouses today are in…one of being unemployed or underemployed. We have one of the largest employment rats in the country, military spouses, it’s almost 30%. Underemployment is over 90%. “ The Rosie Network is a network of veteran family owned businesses across the country, who are helping to end underemployment and unemployment for military spouses. Brown explains how the Network was born because of a broken pipe in the laundry and flood in her laundry room while her husband was on deployment. After meeting Huntley Paton she realized they would make a great partnership. She explains, “One of the things that we do is provide no cost training mentorship through our office here in San Diego. It’s called Military Entrepreneur Development Center. We cut the ribbon on it last year.” 



1. The Rosie Network's programs help build stronger and financially resilient military families through entrepreneurship and business workshops. The Rosie Network and San Diego Business Journal work as a collaboration to help these veteran and military businesses succeed. To recognize and honor the importance of military to San Diego and nurture the veteran-owned companies, a Veteran and Military Entrepreneur Conference and Awards will held. It will be held on October 25th and in order to honor their guests who participate in their programs, sponsors to support are still appreciated. To learn more about these empowering individuals and business and to get involved and sponsor, head over to The Rosie Network or San Diego Business Journal websites.