Episode 84: Featuring David Bareño and Renee VanHeel

David Bareño - Think Box Concepts

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David Bareno seized the opportunity to announce that he has a 5-week old baby that has so much influence on him just like how his parents has a lot of influence on him. David was born and bred in San Diego just like his parents. He has a strong passion to give back to the community and he believes that he got the passion from his parents. He talked about how the urge to give made him establish his organization –Think Box Concepts just to help people get their business back on track. He also talked about being able to play golf after spending several years learning and not getting it right. He likened it to real life situations when you try to learn something but not being in the right frame of mind keeps hindering you. One thing is for sure, no one knows how long and hard you practiced and really, no one cares but what they care about is your eventual success. This is not only applicable to golf but to all other endeavors. Towards the end of his interview, David helped to introduce the next guest – Renee VanHeel with whom he is already acquainted.


Renee VanHeel - Pay It Forward Processing

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Renee is known for her company, Pay It Forward Processing. It is a credit card processing company. However, there is something distinct about it. The company earmarks certain amount of money for charities on each swipe of credit card. She is also passionate about helping people. She figured out that most small businesses struggle to remain afloat and she decided to assist as many as she can. Her house got burnt several years ago and that inspired her to raise $5 million through the help of Fired Up Sisters (a group she formed) as a donation to assist several victims of tragic fires. She explained that up to 400 women willingly joined the group to help out. She also mentioned the fact that watching her friends get ripped off and overcharged led to her decision to startup a credit card processing company. Towards the end of her segment, she explained how people can join her initiative and key into her philanthropic objectives.



1. Think Box Concepts is a growing and powerful company that has many resources for other companies and small businesses that they want to share with our community.  Visit their website to learn more and how they can help you. You can also reach David on his twitter @davidofsd

2. Pay It Forward Processing wants to help rescue businesses from contracts and poor customer service within the credit card industry. Pay It Forward Processing provides businesses with an ethical way pf processing credit cards and also give back to the community. Visit their website or email info@pfprocessing.com or info@esbcharity.org