Episode 94: Featuring Featuring (Part I) Sheldon Margolis, Holly Shaffner & Bob Muth, and (Part II) Daniel Rice


Sheldon Margolis & Holly Shaffner-Veterans Museum at Balboa Park & Bob Muth San Diego Veteran of the Year with Eve Nasby & Derek Abbey - Guest Hosts of Episode # 94 & Jennifer Krewalk - Rise Up Radio

Sheldon Margolis, US Navy Veteran and Executive Director of the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park,  joined Holly Shaffner, Retired US Coast Guard and Military Liaison Officer of Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center at SDSU, on Rise Up Radio to talk about the incredible activities that took place during for Veterans Day 2017 in San Diego and the newly recognized, and awarded, San Diego Veteran of the Year - Bob Muth. Muth also joins Margolis and Shaffner on the show to talk about being chosen as SD Veteran of the Year, share some information about himself and the events that took place in celebration of Veterans Day. Muth serves as Professor in Residence at the University of San Diego, Academic Director of USD Legal Clinics, and Managing Attorney of the USD Veterans Legal Clinic. A retired Marine, Muth spent 13 months in Falluja Iraq, served as Judge Advocate in the Marines and has worked as a criminal defense attorney handling cases involving allegations of war crimes and the mishandling of classified information. “I served in the US Marine corps, I had the privilege of being a marine and to me when I took the position at the law school and had the opportunity to start up the Veterans Clinic, it’s a group of folks who you know, that no matter what their station in life might be now, or what their up to or what they’re doing now, they raised their right hand and swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and they did their part, they fulfilled their duty to protect our country, so the opportunity to give back is a privilege,” he said. The Veterans Legal clinic provides free legal help for veterans. Margolis and Shaffner share their stories about the Veteran Day events, how they became involved and some of their backgrounds.

Learn more about these organizations at;

1. Veterans Museum at Balboa Park

2. San Diego County Veteran of the Year by the Veterans Museum at Balboa Park

3. University of San Diego Legal Clinics



Daniel Rice - US4Warriors with Derek Abbey - Guest Host of Episode # 94

Daniel Rice, US Marine Veteran and Board member of US4Warriors, joined Rise Up Radio to talk about what US4Warriors does and how it helps active duty military members and their families. Rice, also a member of the Chula Vista Elks Club explains how the organization’s programs support the local community. Rice enlisted in 1973 and said he considers himself the “maverick of the family” because while other members of his family served in the Navy and the Army, he chose to be a Marine. With a passion to give back and serve others Rice told guest host Derrek Abby, “Just because I hung up my uniform doesn’t mean I stopped serving. It’s part of our patriot DNA.” A nonprofit organization, US4Warriors’s mission according to Rice, is to serve active duty military personnel and their families. Rice also talks about the amazing network of volunteers they have and their need for more who are willing to volunteer. US4Warriors’ focus according to Rice is on the whole veteran, to fill in the gaps and help make the challenges our military members face easier to deal with. The organization is 100% volunteer run and no one gets paid for their service. He explains, “We truly are 100% non-profit. So like any other non-profit one of the biggest challenges is, you know, they’re you know passionate about what they do for their community and for their events, so raising funds is always a challenge for any non-profit. We are no different and we have our challenges there, but we can assure you that 100% of those funds go to the end users, the people we support.” Rice also talks how the Elks club is a true American institution. “It is the greatest secret in the community because you don’t see a lot of advertisement. They do everything through word of mouth and volunteer and a lot of people just thought it was like an old boy’s network, but it’s not”, he said.

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2. Chula Vista Elks