Episode 95: Featuring (Part I) Ken Davenport, and (Part II) Angel Mason Broadus


Ken Davenport - Mission Edge with James Carmody - Host of Rise Up Radio & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

Ken Davenport, CEO and Founder of Mission Edge, joined Rise Up Radio host, James Carmody to for Episode # 95 to discuss Mission Edge and it’s vision in addition to Davenport’s other work. Mission Edge delivers financing and accounting support, human resources leadership development and fiscal sponsorship to nonprofit and social enterprise communities. Davenport explains how Mission Edge provides social and nonprofit organizations with the knowledge and resources essential to make the most of their social impact and at the same time making their business processes easier. Davenport, an entrepreneur and a former partner and board member of San Diego Venture Partners, president and co-founder of PerformanceG2, Davenport has also founded several technology companies. According to Davenport he began his first company in the 90’s right out of Grad school. After the startup of his fifth company in 2010, he tells Carmody he realized he wasn’t enjoying it. “I realized I really didn’t like what I was doing and so decided to quit and take a new approach to my life and try to find something, a purpose that I could devote myself to. And so that’s how I came to the social sector.” He explains how in his late 40’s he realized he had spent half of his life acquiring things and checking the boxes. He describes what he was doing as almost ‘serially building those organizations” and while he was employing people and adding value to the economy, he didn’t feel like he was doing something that would leave footprints that people would pay attention to after he was gone. “I don’t need any more money necessarily, although money is a great thing and I am very passionate about helping businesses succeed. But I wanted something personally that would fuel my tank and make me feel like my purpose in life had something beyond simply profit. So in 2010 I joined a organization called Social Ventures Partners, which is a volunteer group in town that does philanthropy work, and it’s really business people who kind of approach the social sector with a business mindset. And try to use their talent to help nonprofits perform more affectively.” He went on to explain that at the time they were investing in the military and it was there we he discovered his passion for helping veterans and military members who were transitioning back into the civilian world.

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3.    Ken Davenport’s Recently Published Book: The Two Gates


Angel Mason Broadus - Puzzle Pieces Marketing with James Carmody - Host of Rise Up Radio & Jennifer Krewalk - Exec. Director & Producer of Rise Up Radio

Angel Mason Broadus, President and Founder of Puzzle Pieces Marketing, joined Rise Up Radio Host - James Carmody for Episode # 95 to discuss her marketing company and the work she is doing with numerous nonprofit organizations in the Greater San Diego area. Puzzle Pieces focuses on helping small businesses and nonprofits to create their own unique brand identities that help them to distinguish themselves from their competitors. The services they provide include, strategic planning, website design, public relations, creative design, social media marketing and SEO help. Her company was originally called Mason Consulting but when she realized she could provide a service without providing everything clients needed but could supply them with little pieces of the marketing puzzle she changed the name to Puzzle Pieces Marketing. Born in Alabama, Broadus was raised in San Diego. Her father was a Marine and when she was three he brought his family to San Diego. She talks about her passion for giving back to the community, for philanthropy and community involvement it always been her way of life. She tells Carmody, “You know I never really considered myself a servant leader. I was raised and my parents always told me you don’t live on this earth for free, you have to pay your dues and giving back is a way that you earn your right to be here. So that’s just, I listened to my parents and that’s what I’m doing.” Broadus talks about how she went from having a background in healthcare and ended up going into marketing She discusses how it was completely by accident and how she learned marketing while on the job While working with Medicaid and Medicare services and the American Medical Association she learned international marketing. “I had the fortunate opportunity of being laid off. Because were it not for that opportunity I don’t think I would have been brave enough to start my own marketing company. During that time of being laid off I decided I wanted to take some time to figure out where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do with myself.” Which led to her start Puzzle Pieces. She also talks about her work with the Boys and Girls Club, the San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego Humane Society and being a mentor. Broadus unpacks a new program created by Central San Diego’s Black Chamber of Commerce’s, The Knowledge Exchange mentoring program and why it is so important to her.

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