Episode 32: Featuring Marla Black and Tomas Herrera-Mishler

Marla Black & Junior Achievement in San Diego

Marla Black, former Senior VP and managing director of Union Bank was named CEO and President of Junior Achievement in San Diego in 2015. Black sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, James Carmody and Jared Kelley, to discuss the great work JA is doing in the San Diego area. Black, a native of San Diego has spent 35 years in the financial services/sales arena which made her the prefect choice for Junior Achievement CEO. Junior Achievement is nationwide non-profit organization that educates, empowers, and teaches today’s youth how to reach their full potential. Black explains what Junior Achievement means to her coming from a CEO’s perspective. Because of her financial background Black has a clear understanding about the importance of teaching the upcoming generation what awaits them in the real world. From managing their finances, what it means to get a paycheck, create a livable budget and what it takes to be a successful adult, JA is preparing the next generation with much needed skills. Junior Achievement’s program starts in the classroom for kids in Kindergarten through High school. Each level is geared specifically for the grade levels. Kids in kindergarten through fourth grade participate in the JA Ourselves program with introduces the kids to personal economics. They being to learn about how mom and or dad make buying choices from grocery shopping to deciding which jeans to buy. Middle school through high school students learn about the global marketplace and how the global economy works. They attend one of the two learning centers for a day long field trip. So far JA has impacted the lives of 61,000 students, 58% which come from low to middle income families. Their goal is to reach over 75,000 this year.


Tomas Herrera-Mishler & Balboa Park

Balboa Park in San Diego just recently ranked number one as the most beautiful city park globally out of 15 city world parks. It was also ranked the second greatest urban park in the United States. Balboa, the nation’s biggest urban cultural park has over a dozen museums, as well as being home to the San Diego Zoo. Tomas Herrera-Mishler, CEO of the Balboa Park Conservancy, sat down with Jared Kelley and James Carmody, hosts of Rise Up Radio to talk about Balboa Park and how the Conservancy was created to enhance, manage, preserve, and restore Balboa Park. According to Herrera-Mishler, more than a half a million global visitors come through Balboa’s Conservancy visitor’s center, something due in part to the great job the Conservancy has been doing the last few years. Herrera-Mishler previously ran one of the oldest park systems in the country located in Buffalo, for seven years. He’s been working in landscape architecture for 20 years and considers himself an “historic landscape geek”. He told Carmody and Kelley that although the conservancy has only been around a few years, it’s made great strides in enhancing and ensuring the future of the Park. 


Take Action

1.  Visit Junior achievement to find out how you can be a volunteer impacting the lives of young children and save the date for their upcoming 4th Annual Golf Classic Event happening September 15th.

2.  To know more about Balboa Park and its upcoming events visit www.balboapark.org

Episode 31: Featuring Noelle Delgado

How can young girls and women push past those predetermined standards of today’s culture and society has set for girl? How can they discover what they can do to become ‘enough’? Girl Force USA founder Noelle Delgado who was born and raised in San Diego recently sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how her organization is helping high school age girls do just that. Delgado was an all-star athlete with a 3.95 GPA all throughout high school. But she was stunned when a tough English teacher refused her request for a letter of recommendation for college. She had been one of only two students who attended his class who received an A so she didn’t understand why he refused. She left feeling as if she was not enough and not knowing what she needed to do to become enough. The experience set her on a journey to discover what it was that would make the difference in her life to push past those predetermined cultural standards. When she realized how many of her friends were struggling with these same things, it set her on the path to be a servant leader through her organization Girl Force USA. Delgado explained to the hosts that Girl Force uses sports camps, workshops and after school programs to help girls feel a sense of accomplishment which help give them the confidence they need. The organization helps girls discover their unique true sense of self and to understand they each have a potential for greatness. They also learn that it is their individual uniqueness is something each girl should celebrate. Delgado also talks about the upcoming two day “Girls Leadership Summit 2016”. The summit is being presented by Fox Sports San Diego and will teach girls how to be successful leaders. The summit is for young girls ages 14 and up. 

Take Action

1.  To learn more about Girl Force USA and the impact they are having on young women visit their website by clicking here and make sure not to miss the opportunity to attend their two day Summit happening October 1st & 2nd. Buy tickets here.

Episode 30: Featuring Peter Scott & Brandon Steppe

Is fear holding you back from achieving your goals and your passion? Are you even aware that it is fear keeping you from reaching your potential? How can you overcome that fear? Peter Scott, author of “The Fearless Mindset: The Entrepreneur's Guide To Get Fit In Less Time, Double Your Income, & Become Unstoppable” sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to unpack how to overcome a mindset of fear by taking action. His book “The Fearless Mindset”, empowers readers to conquer the fear that is holding them back to achieve the life they only dared to imagine. Scott, who had a very successful job working in the banking industry in his early twenties began to realize after the death of his father just how fragile life is. Mindset is everything Scott explains and being fearless is not what most people imagine. “Being fearless is not being without fear”, Scott said, “Being fearless is having the courage to do the thing that scares you. Scott is also the founder of the Fearless Life Academy, an organization that teaches people how to live life fearlessly by taking a holistic approach. He explains how it is fear that prevents or slows most from accomplishing true success. According to Scott there are three types of people: Those who know fear is stopping them and they’re committed to overcoming it; those who know fear is stopping them but are afraid to do anything about it, and the third are those who do not even realize fear is what is stopping them. A person’s mindset is determined not only how one feels emotionally, but physically as well, so becoming fearless begins with taking action.


Steppe sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley of Rise Up Radio to talk about the phenomenal impact the foundation is having in the lives of teens in the San Diego community. David’s Harp Foundation works with ‘at risk’ teenagers mentor and help them discover their true worth and identity by using their passion for music to ‘hook’ them in. The foundation builds long lasting relationships by giving (the youth) and outlet for their creativity in a safe and nurturing place, Steppe explains. In fact one student when from having a 1.1 GPA to a 3.3 GPA in 18 weeks. On average students who become a part of the program have shown a 16% increase in their GPA averages. The non-profit group is not your typical non-profit however, and Steppe explains how David’s Harp takes a triangular-type approach. This approach means all their resources are used to empower young people with skills to give back to their community. The teens learn to step out of their fears and overcome their circumstances. The kids come out of the program with a sense of empowerment not entitlement. 


Take Action

1. Peter has been transforming lives of people living in fear. If you want to know more visit his website by clicking here or take action and apply to join the fearless life experience by applying here  www.fearlesslifeexperience.com

2.  To stay connected to the Davids Harp Foundation visit their website and find out how you can be a part of the movement

Episode 29: Featuring David Morris

What makes San Diego one of the greatest cities to live in and how are the servant leaders and business owners working to keep it that way? What are the things that need to change to ensure San Diego continues to be the amazing city it is? David Morris, who is an appraiser and President of AppraiseNet sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about it. Morris is known to be a man of integrity as well as one of, if not the best appraiser in San Diego. One of the things that makes San Diego such an amazing place to live is its diversity. When Morris was asked what he thought was needed to change to keep it so, he explained that more tolerance and patience is needed when it comes to accepting and understanding the differences of others’ cultures and lifestyles. Taking the time to communicate and learn about how others have formed their beliefs, ideas and then understanding how we can all learn from each other. Morris who has lived in San Diego all of his life, also works with IRC, International Rescue Committee, a refugee resettlement program that has been helping those fleeing the conflict and turmoil other countries since World War 2. The program helps people seeking asylum get integrated in the area, provides them with some money to get started, helps them find apartments and gives them guidance and help in navigating within the legal system to help them get started on the steps to become legal citizens. IRC is the first step for refugees when they arrive in the country. The conversation turns to the importance of how we as people need to consider how difficult it must be for those who are fleeing other countries to come to America and specifically the San Diego area. Imaging packing up your family and moving into another culture so different from your own, the struggle to understand the differences and the languages. When people begin to realize how difficult that is for refugees they can then begin to understand the need to be more patient and tolerant. Reacting to others with empathy and acceptance instead of fear and intolerance. 

Take Action

1. IRC has been a huge impact on those t. If you would like to Rise Up and know more about the program visit their website and know more

2. To contact the best Appraiser in San Diego David Morris give him a call at 619.980.6436

Episode 28: Featuring Nate Landis

Nate Landis, President and Founder of Urban Youth Collaborative sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about his work with the youth in San Diego county. UYC is an organization that provides support, encouragement and inspiration to the student originated and led faith clubs in middle and high schools throughout San Diego County. The faith clubs offer voluntary meetings during the non-instructional hours at school such as lunch or free times. Landis, who is an ordained minister with the USA Presbyterian Church, holds a BA from Eastern University in Sociology and youth ministry, a Ph.D. in Religion and Ethics from Claremont Graduate University and is a youth pastor. In 2006 Landis was a full time pastor eight blocks from San Diego High School, he approached the football coach with the idea of holding pre-game meals with chapel services for the athletes who were interested in attending. Because the team at the time was had a record of only 1 in 9, the team’s coach figured a little prayer and encouragement could help. That was 10 years ago and since that time UYC has active clubs in 76 schools in the San Diego area that have 2500 students a week who actively participate. More than 45 churches have been invited to participate by having pastors speak during the club meetings to speak to the youth. Landis explains to radio hosts, Carmody and Kelley how the Project 25 initiative is having an impact on not only the students but how those students are impacting not only the schools they attend but also their communities, cities, states and even worldwide. Project 25 is an annual community service campaign that the ministry coordinates with students in order for the students to live out the parable of the talents from Matthew 25. Every faith club is encourage to apply for a mini-grant of $100 to create an original and creative project that will meet needs within their city, county, state or around the world. The first fifty clubs that apply receive the grant. Instead of having to pay back the grant, the students are asked to create a 90-second YouTube video that explains what they are doing and what their project is. 

Take Action

1.  Urban Youth Collaborative has been impacting communities and is yet to impact more. If you would like to know more about their upcoming events or want to know how to get involved visit their website at Urban Youth Collaborative or contact Nate directly at nate@uyc.org

Episode 27: Featuring RJ Kelly and Michael Galindo

Successful business owners and professionals generally have a plan to leave a legacy behind for their families. Unfortunately 70% of those legacies only survive through three and half generations. Why does this happen and how can business owners and founders ensure their legacy and the wealth they built for their families will remain alive for generations to come? R. J. Kelly who is the founder of Wealth Legacy Group, Inc., sat down with Rise Up Radio host James Carmody, to discuss what is missing and what business owners need to do to make sure their ‘heirs’ are prepared to successfully handle a newly acquired legacy. Being prepared and having a transitional plan that provides a road map for those handing off the reins to those who will carry it on is key. Kelly has been in the financial services industry for close to 40 years. He possesses a Master’s Degree in Financial Services and his skills in business succession, estate planning and risk management are very well known nationally. 70% of the families who have a $20 million net worth experience a complete disintegration of not only their assets but their family, discovering how to adequately prepare for that transition can be the difference between leaving a legacy that will continue on for generations or one that disappears within just over three generations. 

Michael Galindo has been involved in swimming since he was about four or five years old and began competitive swimming at about age seven or eight years. He is currently Lead Senior Coach at North Coast Aquatics and has received San Diego Imperial Swimming’s Age Group Coach of the Year two years and counting. Galindo and James Carmody talked about NCA and their commutative swimming program for swimmers 18 and under. NCA has been the highest competitive swim program in San Diego for 40 years and they have turned out competitive swimmers who have gone on to compete in the Olympics. Galindo explained NCA’s program has over 700 swimmers and 15 professional coaches, Galindo being one of them, who strive to produce well-rounded and strong competitive swimmers who are 18 years and younger. The youngest swimmers in the program are five to six and the swimming groups are based on ability not age. Both Carmody and Galindo talk about their love for swimming and how this program is changing and challenging young lives. 

Take Action

1.  RJ has been a leader in many forms. To seek communication with him he can be reached at either 619.972.4488 or by email at rj@wealthlegacygroup.com

2. Michael has shown us how important the sport of swim can be. To know more about MIchael or to ask questions he can be reached by email at coachmichael@ncaswim.com. Visit NCA Swim to see how to get involved.

Episode 26: Featuring Maria Keckler and Ryan Sisson

What does it mean to be a bridge builder? How do you remove the distractions and fears that are keeping you from reaching those goals? Maria Keckler, author of “Bridge Builders: How Superb Communicators Get What They Want in Business and in Life” discusses a foundation that is close to her heart, David’s Harp Foundation of San Diego. The Foundation helps ‘at-risk’ and homeless youth in the San Diego area. Keckler, a nominee for the “Woman Breaking Barriers” Award at this year’s San Diego Women of Influence Awards, began her life in America when her father passed away at the age of 39. Her mother moved the family to America where Keckler started working at a sweatshop in LA for $27 a day. After remembering the words of her father who said, “One move can change the momentum of the game”, she decided she had had enough. That was 35 years ago. Since that time she started Superb Communication, a consulting agency that works with their clients nationally and internationally. Superb Communication assists their clients in developing exceptional leaders and communicators who show up each day with a passion to make a difference. 

Ryan Sisson, Co-founder and CEO of Moniker Group sat down with Rise Up Radio’s host Jared Kelley and his special co-host Maria Keckler to talk about leadership, authentic communication and David’s Harp Foundation of San Diego. David’s Harp inspires youth using music to achieve academic achievement. On Tuesday nights kids from the shelter come into the music studio where they are given studio time based on their grades. If their academic grades fall below a certain number they lose their studio time. This has become a tremendous motivator for the kids to not only understand the importance of academics but to encourage them to work to keep those grades up. Moniker Group is a company that is made up of different companies with a combination of six brands. He explains the common thread between all of the brands is people and each brand is a different leader. Sisson describes the group as “story makers”. Four years ago, Brandon Steepe, founder and executive director of David’s Harp Foundation spoke with Sisson about the foundation’s goals. The Moniker Group already had a music/media studio built in one of their warehouses, which was given to the foundation to help them accomplish their goals and fulfil their passion to help homeless and “at-risk’ youth. Sisson, Keckler and Kelley also discuss how leaders can influence and grow relationships within their businesses, communities and in their personal relationships by becoming intentional bridge builders. 

Take Action

1.  Maria Keckler is a multi talented woman who has been a bridge builder for many people! To know more visit her website or email her directly at  maria@superbcommunication.com

2. Monkier Group has been doing a great job at bringing everyone together. Visit their website or contact Ryan at ryan@monikergroup.com to learn more. 


Episode 25: Featuring Jeff Blanton

How can you move forward with more confidence and grab hold of the opportunities put before you? What are the two motivators that lead people to move towards meeting their goals and effecting change? How does the freedom relate to these questions? Blanton, is the founder of the Blanton Group an Executive Leadership and Coaching group. The Blanton Group helps business leaders and individuals learn how to turn their passion into action by discovering their purpose within a company as well as the community. He stepped down from the corporate world to discover his purpose, which led to the creation of the Blanton Group. Blanton is also the author of a new book called, “Doing The Difficult: Boldly Leading Significant Change”. The book contains what Blanton calls the three Cs that lead to success. Courage, Capabilities and Conviction. During the sit down with Rise Up Hosts, Kelley and Carmody, Blanton explains that although leading change isn’t easy, it is well worth the effort. “People have more freedom than they’re aware of or take advantage of. Most tend to put a ceiling on what they believe they are allowed to do”, Blanton explains. Most leaders and managers hope their employees will step up and do more, but because their employees have ‘put a ceiling’ on that freedom, most do not do so. He goes on to explain that there are two main motivators that lead people to change. There is fear induced motivation in which people will change because they know if they ‘don’t do it’, something bad is going to happen; and then there is opportunity based motivation. They see an opportunity and step out to take hold of that opportunity. It’s time to have the courage to break out and not only reach those goals, but end up with a result better than what you expect.

Take Action

1. To get started on change in your life contact Jeff Blanton  at 714. 330.1713 or email him at jblanton@blantongroup.com. 

Episode 24: Featuring Sean Stephenson and Jeremy Coombs

 James Carmody

James Carmody

 Jared Kelley

Jared Kelley

What is relationship? What are you doing to engage in relationships within the community, your business and your family and in life? What does it mean to be an authentic person in life? Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley, Mission Realty Group and James Carmody, Synergy One Lending, sat down to discuss the answers to these questions. Carmody and Kelley decided to “let it rip” as the men open up about their personal lives, their visions on leadership and their understanding of how relationships and community are needed. One of the key points of the discussion includes realizing that everyone has a purpose and no matter what you are doing in your life, you are leaving a wake behind you. A wake is a sphere of influence that will affect all those who follow behind you. Being an authentic and genuine person involves helping others and having a desire to empower and serve others in life. It means being who you are and knowing who you are and what you are about. Realizing not everyone has the same talents or abilities and not trying to become someone you are not. It also means being part of the community, because it allows you to be part of a relationship. Carmody explains how he believes emotional intelligence, emotional awareness or how we engage others. Showing people you care and are there to encourage and empower them to be the best they can be. In fact it is one of the things he has encouraged those he leads to incorporate when dealing with clients. Rise Up Radio’s goal is to help servant business in the San Diego community to empower each other by sharing their life experiences with others and through encouraging others to do the same. You have to invite others to be a part of your story! Everyone is a person who has a purpose and you are needed to be a part of the bigger picture.


While many make the decision to wallow in self-pity at the hand life has dealt them, author and motivational speaker Sean Stephenson decided years ago to take a stand for quality of life. Stephenson, known by many as ‘the three foot giant’, was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare bone disorder that the doctors said would prevent him from living past his birth. At 37 years of age, he has not only proven those doctors wrong, he has gone on become a therapist, author and motivational speaker. His most recent book, “Get Off Your Butt: How To End Self Sabotage” has empowered people around the world to overcome their insecurities and live the lives they are meant to live. Jeremy Coombs, Sales Executive with National Fidelity is celebrating being sober for six years now. Coombs who thought that drinking, fighting and chasing women was what a real man does soon discovered he was living a life based on what others thought it should be. He made the decision to stop being someone he wasn’t and become the person he truly was inside. Coombs and Stephenson sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley to share the stories of their 13 year friendship and what it means to be a leader. The two men share how they met and the impact their friendship has had on each of them. In a humorous and entertaining conversation Stephenson and Coombs share their life stories, including how Coombs helped Stephenson to find true love. A feat that Stephenson is now hoping to help his friend also find. He believes that once you find the purpose in your life, you will then find the person who will be on the same path as you are and they will be the person who will not only raise you up, but give you the support you need to fulfill that purpose.

Take Action

1. To get in contact with your hosts and learn more about their businesses email Jared at jared@missionrealtygroup.com or James at jamescarmody@s1lending.com. Visit their websites Mission Realty Group or Synergy One Lending

2. To know more about Sean's story and follow his movement click here to learn more.

3. If you would like to get in contact with Jeremy email him directly at jercoombs@gmail.com

Episode 23: Featuring Ken Foster

Over 47 million people in the United States are living below the national poverty level and 22% of those being children. How can people be empowered and lifted up to bring positive life changes? Best-selling author, Founder of Premier Coaching and entrepreneur Ken Foster, is working to bring empowerment to those who are disadvantaged by providing the tools they need to rise up out of their circumstances. Foster sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about his book, “Ask and You Will Succeed-1001 Questions to Create Life Changing Results” and Stars Of Courage, an organization founded also by Foster. Foster who has a true servant’s heart, has a passion is to use his leadership and life coaching expertise to uplift and help others. With the help of the other servant leaders and business owners who have committed to helping those in poverty through the Stars of Courage organization, they are bringing hope to many. Helping people get out of poverty not only improves their individual lives, it also helps the nation’s economy as a whole. “Poverty is a state of mind. The mind is the cause of our bondage and the mind is the cause of our liberation.” Foster explains to Kelley and Carmody. The discussion covers how in most cases, what prevents many from rising up out of their circumstances has much to do with what goes on in the mind. The individual’s perception not only of their situation, but that person’s self-perception. Foster’s book, “Ask and You Will Succeed-1001 Questions to Create Life Changing Results” leads people on a journey to discover what their true passion is by asking vital questions. Once you discover your passion, the passion will lead to purpose which in turn leads to power. The power to overcome and change your life, to find success and then go out into the community and become a servant leader to help others. 

Take Action

1.  Visit www.kendfoster.com or www.starsofcourage.org to learn more or contact Ken at ken@kendfoster.com or by phone at 760.703.9365.

Episode 22: Featuring Matt Rinkey, Rob and Cheryl Shields, and Mark Sellers

What does it take to accelerate your business to the next level? How can local entrepreneurs gain the tools and support needed to grow not only their business but become leaders within their company as well as the community? Matt Rinkey, Financial Life Planner with Illumination Wealth Management sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about a wonderful non-profit organization called EO Accelerator. Rinkey a business owner, entrepreneur and family man. He graduated from Madison School Of Business in Wisconsin with a degree in Finance, Investment and Banking is also a member of EO Accelerator. EO is an organization program for entrepreneurs. It is a community of business owners, peers and entrepreneurs who seek to not merely grow their companies financially, but to also have a positive impact within their communities. EO Accelerators are members who want to grow their businesses to the point of making over $1 million in sales and desire have a speedier process to do so. Members meet once a month were they have access to leaders, experts and mentors who provide guidance, support and experience needed to achieve those goals. 


Prom night is a rite of passage for high school students, but unfortunately not every student gets to experience prom the way they deserve to. Students with special needs are all too often left out or made to feel like ‘outsiders’ when it comes to attending the one event no teenager should ever have to miss. Thanks to Cheryl and Rob Shields, each year 800 special needs teens are given a special prom experience that includes everything from prom dresses, jewelry, hair and makeup for the girls, fitted free tuxedos rentals for the boys to arriving at the event in a limo and walking the red carpet. Rob Shields is a Partner at San Diego Wilson, Turner & Kosmo LLP and his wife Cheryl is a former event planner. The couple started the annual event in 2010 after being inspired by a video clip they saw at a local church service in Rockford, Ill. The church held their “A Night To Remember” even for special needs students in the church. The Shields knew this was something that could have a profoundly positive life changing effect for special needs students who otherwise may not get to experience prom night. The Shield’s sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley on Rise Up Radio recently to discuss this wonderful annual event. “A Night To Remember” partners up 425 special needs students with 425 mainstream students to give the students ages 15 to 22 the prom experience of a lifetime. Local business donate everything from the food, drinks and music to the red carpet and more. Each year the Shields raise anywhere from $75,000 to $100,000 to make sure these students are treated to a night of feeling not only special but loved, honored and celebrated. 


Aging should not mean you stop moving or being an active member of the community, but for some seniors and aging men and women, without the much needed support and services they need, giving up feels like the only option. Mark Sellers, Assistant Director of San Diego County’s Aging and Independent Services, sat down with Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about this problem within the San Diego community. Sellers said as a community there is a real need to look at the services and ways that can be put into place to help those who are aging stay connected or to reconnect and become active members of the San Diego community.Sellers also wanted to make sure those within the community are aware of the upcoming Aging Summit whose theme is “Age Well San Diego”.The goal of this important summit is to help keep the aging social engaged within the community and give them the support and services they need to stay active. This free summit is being held on Wednesday, June 15th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in San Diego. Well known and loved actor Dick Van Dyke will be the summit’s keynote speaker. 


Take Action

1.  To learn more about the EO Accellerator email Matt at matt@illuminationwealth.com or learn more about Illumination Wealth by visiting their website

2.  A night to remember will be having their annual fundraiser. Please see details below.

3. To learn more about the Aging Summit visit their website by  clicking here and do not forget to support our elderly community by joining them at their June 15th with details listed below


Episode 21: Featuring Mia Roseberry and Navid Hannanvash

Wounded Warriors Homes in the San Diego area is a wonderful non-profit organization that delivers support and transitional housing and reintegration services to the military’s single, post 911 combat vets who have suffered traumatic brain injuries or PTS. Mia Roseberry, the Founder and Executive Director joined Jared Kelley and James Carmody on Rise Up Radio to talk about the important work Wounded Warrior Homes supplies for returning combat veterans. According to Roseberry, the national average of time it takes veterans to receive their benefits after returning home is 236 days. That’s just about four months shy of a year’s time. In the meantime the returning combat vets have to worry about what they are supposed to do for those 236 days with no job, no money and in most cases no place to live. Wounded Warrior Homes is not simply a non-profit group that helps combat vets, it is a movement and a community that helps vets get the support and help they need. During the chat on Rise Up Radio, Roseberry explains how many of the vets return to mentor other vets and how the organization is in need of more funding and help to more vets. Currently they can house veterans within 24 hours of learning of their need, unfortunately for the first time they have a waiting list for seven veterans in need of support and services. 


Physical therapy is not simply about getting healing in the body, it should also involve a person as a whole. This is the passion behind R.I.S.E. Physical Therapy clinic according to Dr. Navid Hannanvash. Hannanvash received his Doctor Of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Southern California and majored in Athletic Training at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Hannanvash recently sat down with James Carmody and Jared Kelley on Rise Up Radio to discuss the clinics holistic approach to physical therapy. He also discussed why he believes physical therapy should be about life and everything you do, not simply focused on healing parts of the physical body. It is about the journey of strengthening the mind and spirit as well. R.I.S.E. stands for Revolution In Self-Evolution, which reflects the unique and specialize individualized care he believes every person deserves. “It doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are, everyone deserves the best treatment possible.” 

Take Action

1. If you would like to know more, get in contact or help wounded warrior homes please visit their website Wounded Warrior Homes, contact Mia at mia@woundedwarriorhomes or reach their office directly at 760.798.2126. Don't forget to join them for their Golf Outing September 19th

2. For more information on R.I.S.E Physical Therapy visit their website www.risephysicaltherapy.com

Episode 20: Featuring Doug Wall and Roy Mason

How does redemption influence the heart of servant leaders? In a powerful interview with Jared Kelley and James Carmody on Rise Up Radio, author of the book ‘Redemption’ Doug Wall, discusses the story behind his book and how his investment group is bringing life changing and lifesaving technologies around the globe. Wall is not only an author, motivational speaker, he is Managing Director of Life Ventures Management, a private equity fund whose goal is to provide not only financial capital but also bring spiritual capital into each of their portfolio companies. Wall chats with Kelley and Carmody about Life Ventures’ investment enterprise Daylight Solutions. Daylight Solutions provides lifesaving technologies, including a light that is used to protect military helicopters, and soon to be used to protect commercial aircraft. This technology is also being applied at a medical diagnostic tool and is the first laser that can be used to identify cancer sooner. He also shares the story of the loss he and his wife suffered when they lost one of their children to SIDS and how four years later, when on a mission trip to Romania he experienced healing through an unexpected set of circumstances. Even the worst tragedy can be redeemed by Jesus. 


When you are living in a spirit of fear, you are not operating with a clear mind. So how do you overcome fear and learn to operate with a clear mind and be the leader we are all called to be? Roy Mason, an evangelical pastor and motivational speaker spoke with hosts of Rise Up Radio, James Carmody and Jared Kelley to answer this important question. Both Carmody and Kelley met Mason when they attended coaching seminars and Carmody considers Mason his mentor. Mason, spent 25 years being a pastor at local churches in North Carolina and for the last 16 years he has been serving in full time international evangelism. Five years ago he was also asked to serve as a Chaplin for a core training company where he leads bible studies and provides counseling services in life and leadership. Life is about living and leading with an attitude of gratitude, words seasoned with grace and giving generously of your time, talents and treasures.

Take Action

1.  To learn more about Doug  visit his website Life Ventures

2. To know more about Roy and contact him visit his blog by clicking here

Episode 19: Featuring Sean Puckett and Phillip Flakes

What is the true definition of being effective? How can you achieve the work-life balance everyone hopes to attain? It’s all about learning to being fully ‘present’ when you are at work and when you are at home. Sean Puckett, Senior VP of California Republic Bank and Director of STAR (Strategic Trusted Advisors Roundtable) recently joined Jared Kelley and James Carmody on Rise Up Radio to break down what it means to be fully present, and how being present leads to being a more effective leader at work and home. Working in banking, Puckett used to believe achieving success meant he had to work, work, work, putting in 15 hours or more a day including Saturdays and occasionally Sundays. During the sit down interview with Kelley and Carmody, Puckett explains how he discovered the more a person nurtures the relationships with family and the community, the more energy they will discover they have for the job.After cutting back his hours at work, becoming fully present when at home with his family he discovered it resulted in having more passion and a higher intensity when at work. Making him a more effective leader. Being fully engaged and fully present with who you are with at the time you are with them is the definition of effectiveness. It means you are bringing the best ‘present’ you to the table. This is leadership at its core. 



Phillip Flakes went from being a wholesale representative to a successful entrepreneur, owner of two businesses and philanthropist in the greater San Diego area. Flakes is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Succession Link and Co-founder of Starpoint Consulting Group. Succession Link is one of the leading communication and networking platform that connects financial advisors who are interested in selling, buying or merging their businesses. With over 9000 users involved in the Succession platform, Flakes explained Succession Link was born out of a desire from connecting the one to connecting many. Among the discussion with Carmody and Kelley, they broke down what charitable giving really is and what it looks like. It’s not only about giving money, but also about being present.

Take Action

1.  If you have any questions regarding banking Sean is available directly at 858.885.5859 or spucket.@crbnk.com

2. To learn more about succession link click here or contact Phillip at phillip.flakes@successionlink.com

Episode 18: Featuring Ed Quinlan, Pablo & Branko Fernandez

How can a successful business create a powerful network with people who not only trust them but know them? What is a business relationship revolution? Ed Quinlan Market President of Corporate Alliance in San Diego, sat down with Jared Kelley of Rise Up Radio to talk about Corporate Alliance and how it is building business relationships that put good people together to bring out the best in everyone. With a focus on putting human interaction into corporate networking and relationships. When asked to explain what Corporate Alliance is, Quinlan told Kelley it is a cross between a business country club and a relationship university. They have a physical space in the UTC area, which is their ‘clubhouse’ but it that has an education component to it. They have an event center that holds 80 to 100 people, classrooms, and rooms that hold about 20 to 30 where members can come in and do whiteboard sessions with their clients, customers or employees. The events typically have tables of five, which allow those attending to forge real relationships as well as get everyone on the same page. Corporate Alliance’s mission and goal is to help businesses create a large network of trusted advisers, clients and friends that helps them to build their own influential business networks. Quinlan likens himself to Sam Malone from the 1980’s hit comedy series, Cheers. “It’s a place where people come to make friends and when you come to ‘our’ place where everyone knows your name”.


Secret Table in San Diego is an innovative event which showcases organic, local and real food creations that are also healthy, while connecting diverse community members reminiscent of those wonderful family dinners. Secret Table also gives back to the community and raises money for numerous non-profit organizations like the Autism Tree Project Foundation through sponsorships and donations. Who are the two brothers who began this amazing organizationPablo Fernandez, Founder and CEO of Secret Table and his brother and Co-Founder and COO of Secret Table, recently sat down with Jared Kelley on Rise Up Radio to talk about this delicious business and the impact it has on the communities they serve. Although the conversation is focused on Secret Table and of course their gourmet menu, Kelley asked the brothers the why behind the why of how Secret Table came about. The Secret Table actually began over 100 years ago according to the men, it was something they experienced at the ‘secret table’ dinners with their grandmother and great-grandmother, who according to the brothers, both had true servant’s hearts.The two women planted the seeds and those seeds of serving and caring sprouted into the fruit that spurred this vision the Fernandez brothers used to create the Secret Table events and experiences. Experiences that take the simple things like sharing a deliciously created meal with and turn them into something extraordinary.

Take Action

1. If you would like to connect and learn more about Coporate Alliance visit www.knoweveryone.com or email Ed directly at eq@corporatealliance.net

2. To learn more about the secret table and their one of a kind events visit their page www.secrettable.co

Episode 17: Featuring Brian Daly, Matt Teeter, Carlos Sanguinetti, and Jill Chrapczynski

How it is possible for investment companies to maintain their ROI while also giving back helping others, but also build communities and at the same time create a greater sense of community? Recently, Co-Founder and CEO of REIG Asset Management in San Diego Brian Daly sat down with Rise Up Radio hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody to talk about how his investment company does just that. When asked about the name of the company Daly explained how most in the real estate investment business go with ‘real estate investment group’ when choosing their name. However, REIG is an acronym that represents the values they do business and live by which is - revitalizing communities, elevating expectations, integrity first and gratitude always. And although they are an investment group and construction company Daly explains they want to stand for more than just what they DO and the name was the way to connect with what they stand for.

Daly and his partner started out helping Wounded Warrior Homes in San Diego, an organization that helps veterans. It was such a wonderful experience in giving back and helping others, the company stared what they call the Operation Renovation program began. Daly and his business partner Patrick Clark started with nothing and began their dream/venture with $5000, $2500 from savings and the other $2500 from the sale of Clark’s boat. With that investment they got their business started and wanted to start giving back every time they touched a property. The project currently is making its way across the country renovating and revitalizing communities across the country. REIG not only changes and energizes the lives of families and those in need, they accomplish it while also maintaining the ROI most investment companies hope to achieve. 


Dinner with Friends is the brainchild of Carlos Sanguinetti, Branch Manager of Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. and Matt Teeter, who is the owner of Mesa Label Express. The men are life-long friends who wanted to raise money and awareness of the Ronald McDonald House charities of San Diego. The idea for ‘Dinner With Friends’ came to be after Sanguinetti had been diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2009. Although Sanguinetti is now fully recovered, this life changing event caused the men to both re-evaluate their lives.

Sanguinetti, Teeter and special guest, Jill Chrapczynski talk about ‘Dinner With Friends’ and how it impacts the lives of so many families in need of some TLC during the hardest thing in life a parent can experience. Jill’s young daughter, who was diagnosed with leukemia, was being treated at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego when Sanguinetti and Teeter introduced her to the Ronald McDonald House through the ‘Dinner With Friends’ event. Jill and her family lived at the Ronald McDonald House for six months while her daughter was being treated for the leukemia.

Both Teeter and Sanguinetti had volunteered to help at dinners held for the families, children and volunteers of the Ronald McDonald House and decided they wanted to give back more while at the same time bringing more awareness to Ronald McDonald House Charities. 


Take Action

1. To Learn more about REIG visit  www.reigrenovations.com

2. If you are interested in knowing more about Dinner with Friends visit their website at www.thedinnerwithfriends.org or click here to purchase tickets for their event May 14th and help support the Dinner with Friends charity.

Episode 16: Featuring Randal Schober

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Is it all just about starting a business or is there more to the definition of being an entrepreneur than making money?

Professor of Entrepreneurship of International Business at Point Loma Nazarene University, Randal Schober recently sat with us to discuss not only the true meaning of entrepreneurship but the future of Entrepreneurship for millennials and what it is going to look like when the upcoming Z Generation moves into the business world.

Schober, who graduated from the University of South Australia, is the former Executive Director of SurfAid, an organization that provides humanitarian programs to the remote islands in Indonesia. His passion and goal is to inspire the next generation to be the change they want to see by pursing new and innovative business ideas that accomplish more than creating personal wealth, but that will impact the world around them in a positive way.

He has extensive experience due to his service in the executive roles in numerous start-up companies as well as various non-profit organizations. He was an E.D. of HeadNorth in San Diego, Vice President of education in Phoenix and San Diego for Evolve 1 and the founder and CEO of Avviso.

Professor Schober explains that entrepreneurship is creating ‘value’ in endeavors and it starts from having an idea, a passion, or even an individual gift from God. It is not only about starting a business, but it also extends into relationships from marriage to friendships. Because millennials have been online all of their lives, they have a desire to not only be their own bosses, they have a desire to also make a real difference when it comes to tackling the social issues they see daily, thanks in part to the saturation of information from things like social media.

Take Action

1. If you would like to know more about entrepeneurship and contact Professor Randal email him directly at rschober@pointloma.edu


Episode 15: Featuring Mark Nielson & Richard Coleman

Recovering CFO, Mark Nielson Explains The Theory Behind Abundance Giving. For most if not all non-profit organizations it has been for years, a struggle to build relationships with corporations that are willing to offer the support they need to continue helping others. The majority of financial giving and support more often than not comes from individual donors in private sector. Mark Nielson, who refers to himself as a ‘recovering CFO’ is Co-founder of the “PinPoint: Find it Share It” program. Mark was a Chief Financial Officer for 25 years, volunteered as a Big Brother, sits on the board of five for profit businesses and was awarded San Diego’s Business Journal’s Innovators award. His experience as a CFO has given him a unique perspective as it relates to helping non-profit and for profit corporations to connect. Mark talks about the ‘new model’ PinPoint has developed to help company’s discover ‘found money’ by helping them discover the ways they may be unware of to save money. The idea is based on the principle of first providing and giving value to those companies before they give to charities or increase the amount they are already giving to their favorite charities. Nielson refers to this as “Abundance Giving”. When the companies PinPoint works with discover the ‘found money’, it opens up the door for them to not only give more to their chosen charities, but also increase support in other areas of the business. If found resources are not found, the PinPoint receives no compensation, however the company’s commit to giving at least 10 to 15% of that found revenue to their charity of choice. And according to Nielson this allows them to not only give more, but typically the amount donated is more than the charity would have asked for to begin with. The group call themselves Resultants on consultants because they don’t consult but they do get results. 

What is leadership and what is it that makes others want to follow someone? That is the question Rise Up Radio guest Richard Coleman asked during his recent visit with hosts, Jared Kelley and James Carmody. Richard Coleman is a former US Marine and the Managing Director of the Callan Course. Having spent 30 years leading others, he began using the skills he has learned, to educate and encourage others in how to become the leader everyone is called to be in one form or another. The Callan Course teaches leadership principles and skills throughout academia, in profit and not for profit businesses and various other organizations. With a focus on teaching people the life defining lessons of self-mastery and personal excellence regardless of their vocation or their position of authority. Coleman teaches others about the differences between what a leader does and how it should also represent who a leader is as a person.  Everyone is a leader in one way or another, from the stay-at-home parent who is leading their children into learning the important lessons of life to the corporate CEO who is leading those employed in the company. The concept behind Coleman’s is not only unique but life changing. 

Take action

1. Contact Mark directly at 858.401.0640, mark.nielson@accretivesandiego.com or visit www.accretivesandiego.com to learn more

2. To learn more about the Callan Course and learn how to get involved visit the Callan Course at www.callancourse.com

Episode 14:Featuring Ryan Ponsford, Camille Cassin & Craig Vandyke

Today we spoke with Ryan Ponsford, founder and owner of Akili Capitol here in San Diego. Ryan has over 15 years’ experience helping people to take value driven actions that will increase their wealth. Akili takes a proactive approach to creating new wealth, focusing on owning and monetizing companies, real estate, and handling inheritance well. One of the first steps Ryan takes with his clients is helping them discover their vision and values, often utilizing giving to charities in this process. Out of this grew Main Street Philanthropy, a non-profit organization that goes into school and teaches teens about values driven financial decisions and helps them raise money for various charities.

Also on the show today we were so encouraged to have Camille Cassin and Craig Vandyke with Turning Point Pregnancy Resource and Brothers in Arms. Turning Point is a community based non-profit that began a little over 15 years ago as a crisis pregnancy helpline in a church basement and has grown into a fully functioning crisis pregnancy center with 8 full time employees and 30 volunteers. Camille and Craig don't just have a heart for the women involved in a crisis pregnancy, but for the men as well. They also started an outreach to the men, called Brothers In Arm. They not only counsel men, but help them navigate the demands of fatherhood in practical ways, like helping them to find jobs. 

Take action

1. Take steps to ensure a secure financial future at  or contact Ryan at rponsford@akilicap.com. Also, they will be doing a podcast on April 24th called "Mastery Initiative". Get more infomation on their Facebook Page www.facebook.com/masteryinitiative  

2. The Turning Point Pregnancy Center will be hosting a "Race for Life" on Saturday, April 30th. Check out their website: www.mmpregnancy.com for more information or contact Camille directly at (858) 397-1970

Episode 13: featuring john wheeler and joe Deutsch

John Wheeler, financial advisor of Akili Capital works with families to help them build upon the wealth that they’ve already accumulated. The preservation of wealth is something that usually passes on from generation to generation, but it’s uncommon for heirs to be taught how to create more. Akili Capital provides counseling and instruction on how to use the properties, businesses and other assets within the family to catapult the next generation into that same monetary comfort. The great thing about their services is that while they help your family with wealth management, they also make it a point to encourage you to contribute back to your community and reach out to those who’ve helped you or your family’s business.


Insurance guru and father of 4, Joe Deutsch, talks about the importance of insurance knowledge and risk exposures. Understanding what your insurance covers will save you a lot of time and money when you’re faced with times of catastrophe and Joe’s company is there to explain exactly what you have as well as what other options are out there. The last thing you want to do is discover that you aren’t covered for as much as you may think, and the security behind the peace of mind attributed to sitting down with an insurance advisor will ensure that you are covered for as much as possible without breaking the bank. 


Take action

1. If you’re interested in wealth management counseling, contact John at jwheeler@akilicap.com

2. To get in contact with Joe for insurance concerns contact him directly at 858-756-8400 or visit www.ranch-coast.com and email  info@ranch-coast.com